‘Knowing David as I do I expected the research for this wonderful novel, set in troubled times in 19th century America, to be impeccable. Every detail you know is spot on and the story riveting.’ Rick Stein – TV Chef/ Writer 

‘If a good historical novel is one that matches a gripping narrative with deep and convincing background historical research then this is a great one. It is also one that has you rooting for its main character, the Cornishman George Grenfell, despite the fact that he is a liar, a fraudster, an adulterer and a mercenary who fights to support slavery during the American Civil War. You do so because of David Taylor’s skill as a storyteller, and because of how vividly he portrays the raw realities of later nineteenth century America – the horrors of battle, the brutality of the West, and the torture of an island prison off the Florida coast. The locations are real; so are the leading characters. And Taylor leads it all to a quietly satisfying and redemptive ending.’ Mark Whitaker, broadcaster and author of ‘Running for their Lives’ 

‘Here’s an entertaining, swashbuckling yarn that cleverly mixes fact and fiction in a story set in nineteenth century America that switches from the battlefields of the Civil War to Washington intrigue, a prison in the Gulf of Mexico, Cuban plantations and the Wild West. David Taylor is a distinguished TV reporter and journalist who always has an eye for a great story – like this one.’ Robin Denselow, Guardian world and folk music critic.

‘Like a shot from a musket this fast moving historical novel grabs your attention from start to startling finish. And the good news? ‘The Man Who Lived Twice’ is part of a trilogy. So one down, two to go in this Cornish family saga. Watch out Poldark.’ Bill Cran – Multi-award winning documentary filmmaker and author

‘An epic tale by a born storyteller. David Taylor’s eye for detail and passion for historical context bring to life the dramatic adventures of a remarkable soldier of fortune. From English aristocracy to the battlefields of Tennessee in the Civil War, this books provides an understanding of the forces and personalities that helped shape the American Century, with the added treat of a ringside view of one of modern history’s most exotic and enigmatic characters.’ Steve Anderson, long-time executive producer of BBC’s Question Time

‘A great story turned into a really well-rounded engaging novel.’ Eleanor Rees – Freelance literary editor

‘An engaging story bringing to life well-researched history through the thoughts and feelings of the characters. Transports the reader into a time when communication had to be largely face-to-face, even in the midst of battle. A fascinating read that draws you in.’ Chris Binns, Chief Engineer, Crossrail.

‘A brilliantly written and utterly compelling story. The Man Who Lived Twice is not only full of fast moving adventure, but the attention to historical detail places the reader very firmly in the camp of the Confederacy during the American Civil War. Add to this a nail biting plot and you have a very real narrative of human endurance.’ Jane Steele, celebrated Yorkshire poet.

‘An intriguing storyline that entwines fiction with a detailed history about the American Civil War. Great bravery and leadership is set alongside despair and hopelessness. A great read!’ Penny Turner, Practice Nurse/ Healthcare Professional. 

‘Really confident and compelling.’ Rebecca Ritchie – Literary agent

‘Concisely written and easy to read with a vivid sense of place.’ Emma O’Connell – Freelance book editor

An intriguing antihero is the strength of this book along with the wonderful historical research which underpins the story and gives you a majestic panorama of the emerging superpower that is the United States of America. A panorama from the American Civil war through to the beginning of the 20th Century. There are loves and battles, villains, business and adventure, risks are taken and there is deep sorrow. And interestingly there are some historical surprises. A very satisfying read. I enjoyed the spare, but descriptive prose and direct storytelling. LCH Hill (Taken from Amazon Page)

What a remarkable story! I was thoroughly immersed into the world of Colonel Grenfell and there are elements of his story that surprise and delight. Amazing to think that this man actually existed and most of these events took place. A joy to read. I recommend very highly. CAT (Taken from Amazon Page)

A real page turner! The characters and interwoven plot really draws you in. A must for fans of historical fiction. Definitely recommended! Sophie (Taken from Amazon Page)