‘David Taylor cracks the code! Unwrapping 500 years of mystery and intrigue, The Queen’s Cipher breathes fresh life into the remarkable story of William Shakespeare; bold, clever and peerless in its investigative research.”

Steve Anderson, Managing Director of Peacock productions, a division of NBC News.

‘I’m reeling from the book’s intellectual energy and ambition. The Queen’s Cipher is both a great novel of ideas and a racy best-seller. ‘

Mark Whitaker, Radio Four presenter and author.

The Queen’s Cipher is an intricately plotted historical mystery with great potential to be a literary thriller.’

Kylie Fitzpatrick, author of three historical novels.

The Queen’s Cipher is an incredibly well-researched story with fascinating insights into historical figures. The prose is a delight to read.’

Cornerstones consultancy report.

‘David Taylor showcases his phenomenal depth of research and an uncanny ability to re-imagine the past. Grounded on hard facts, this riveting book sheds new light on fiction and how the mastery of prose can shape the world. The Queen’s Cipher is a dynamic, eye-opening story that simply must be told.’

Noah Castro, Hollywood scriptwriter.